Not got a website yet for your business? Not convinced enough on the importance of having a website for your business? Here is some food for thought.

Entrepreneurs back in the day faced certain limitations in attracting the customers, connecting with them or guiding them on the purchase journey, with just a physical store and relying on traditional advertising. However, in this modern digital age, where most purchases happen online, having a website makes it easy for customers to find you.

If you are an entrepreneur, particularly a startup, having a website could bring you numerous benefits.

Visibility and availability

It is said that over 4.5billion people are estimated to be active internet users worldwide. In this context, it becomes crucial for every business to secure a place in the online space in order to increase customer desirability for their brand.

Product owners who have brands need online visibility, once their product or service is ready, in order to generate awareness and drive sales.

A business website can easily make the brand visible and available to the target audience.

 Say you advertise on newspapers, TV or billboards- but do they acquaint the marketer with the ‘insights’ on how the brand is embraced by the customer? A website with Analytics plugins would give you a clear idea of this aspect.  

Awareness of such critical insights would help develop your marketing strategy, leveraging on Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing to influence the purchase decisions.

 Identifying your audience demographics would also help in the content creation aspect.  Once your brand is made visible through a website, the product can be made available through an E-Commerce platform.

Delivers your brand message

A website no doubt provides a professional feel for your business. 

Particularly, if you are a new entrant to the market- a website would enable you to make a good first impression and thereby take your brand message to the potential customer effectively. Your business website is where your customer learns about the uniqueness of your product/service, the expertise behind the brand, quality standards followed, etc.

A professionally developed website reveals your brand’s personality to your customer.  Colour psychology used in the UI/ UX Design helps connect with the customer emotionally. The brand owners can also communicate vital information such as sustainability and social consciousness of the brand through the website to build and emotional connection with your target audience.

Generates organic traffic

A Search Engine Optimized website provides high visibility on the Google Search Results Page when the customer searches the online space for particular products/services. This enables business owners to tap into customers in their own locality. This is an essential element for local business as it has been discovered that 97% of the customers use search to find local businesses.

Using social platforms for advertising is an option – however, this option has certain limitations when pitching the product, whereas, a website gives complete control to the Business Owner to pitch the product to their potential buyer.

Facilitates Digital Marketing 

A website is an essential element in digital marketing and serves as the end point of a Digital Marketing campaign. This lets product owners to have full control in influencing the decision making point of the buyer journey. 


The customer considers the business website as a credible source as it enables them get an idea of the quality of the product or services, browsing through various aspects such as the testimonials/ reviews given by other users, or by industry certifications obtained etc.

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