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Project Overview

Natbound Travel Agency partnered with CloudeDesign to develop, a specialized website catering to birdwatching travel enthusiasts. The project aimed to create an online platform where birdwatchers could discover and book unique birdwatching tours and experiences offered by Natbound Travel Agency.

Our Approach

CloudeDesign adopted a tailored approach to meet Natbound Travel Agency's requirements, focusing on creating a user-friendly website that highlights birdwatching destinations and tour packages. Our approach included:

  1. Custom Website Design Collaborating closely with Natbound Travel Agency, our team designed a visually appealing website with a nature-inspired theme. The design elements were carefully selected to evoke the beauty of birdwatching destinations and create an immersive experience for visitors.
  2. Tour Package Showcase We created dedicated pages to showcase the various birdwatching tours and experiences offered by Natbound Travel Agency. Each tour package was accompanied by detailed descriptions, itinerary information, and stunning imagery to entice potential travelers.


The collaboration between CloudeDesign and Natbound Travel Agency resulted in the successful launch of, a captivating website dedicated to birdwatching travel experiences. By combining creative design with intuitive functionality, we have provided Natbound Travel Agency with a powerful online platform to showcase their unique tours and attract birdwatching enthusiasts. The website's user-friendly interface, seamless booking process, and informative content contribute to an enhanced user experience, positioning as a top choice for birdwatching travel adventures in Sri Lanka.


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