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Miracle Agro (Pvt) Ltd set out on a determined mission to revolutionize Sri Lanka's agricultural sector, specifically targeting the poultry industry. Our vision was clear from the outset – to import premium-grade veterinary medicines, feed additives, and supplements, catering to the evolving needs of poultry farmers across the country.

Our Approach

From humble beginnings with a team of six dedicated individuals, Miracle Agro has grown exponentially, now boasting a team of 24 seasoned experts. Our journey commenced with sourcing products from renowned suppliers in Europe and India. Over time, we have established ourselves as a key player in the poultry industry, trusted for delivering top-quality medicines, additives, and supplements.

To achieve our goals, we have meticulously crafted strategic plans for market expansion. These plans entail leveraging our existing strengths, forging new partnerships, and exploring innovative avenues to enhance our market presence and serve our clients better.


The unwavering dedication of Miracle Agro (Pvt) Ltd has yielded remarkable results, positioning us as a leading authority in Sri Lanka's agricultural landscape, particularly within the poultry sector. Through our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we have earned the trust of poultry farmers nationwide.

Looking ahead, we are poised for even greater accomplishments as we continue to innovate and expand our product offerings. With a steadfast focus on quality, reliability, and customer-centricity, Miracle Agro is poised to chart new heights of success, reaffirming our commitment to transforming Sri Lanka's poultry industry.


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Build a unique Corporate Website