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Project Overview

Ajinco International (Pvt) Ltd partnered with CloudeDesign with the objective of establishing a strong online presence and enhancing their competitiveness in the construction machinery industry. As a leading provider of heavy machinery solutions in Sri Lanka, Ajinco International aimed to create a robust platform that would showcase their products, attract potential clients, and reinforce their market position.

Our Approach

CloudeDesign adopted a strategic approach to meet Ajinco International's objectives, integrating creative web design, advanced development, and strategic SEO services to deliver a compelling online experience. Our approach included:

  1. Comprehensive Analysis We conducted thorough research into Ajinco International's target market, industry landscape, and competitors to develop a strategic approach to web design, development, and SEO.
  2. Creative Web Design Our team of experienced designers crafted a visually appealing and user-friendly website interface designed to showcase Ajinco International's range of heavy machinery products and services. From intuitive navigation to impactful visuals, every aspect of the website was meticulously designed to highlight the company's expertise and professionalism.
  3. Advanced Development Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and frameworks, we developed a custom website tailored to Ajinco International's specific requirements. Our development team ensured seamless functionality, optimal performance, and a user-friendly experience across all devices.
  4. Strategic SEO Services In addition to web design and development, we provided strategic SEO services to improve Ajinco International's online visibility and rankings on search engines. Through keyword optimization, content enhancements, and link building strategies, we successfully propelled the website to the first page of search engine results, despite the competitive landscape.

Challenges Faced Throughout the project, we encountered various challenges typical of website development and SEO optimization in the construction machinery industry. These challenges included:

  1. Competitive Landscape Navigating the highly competitive construction machinery market in Sri Lanka required innovative strategies to differentiate Ajinco International and position them as a trusted industry leader.
  2. SEO Competition Achieving first-page rankings on search engines amidst fierce competition posed a challenge that demanded meticulous SEO strategies and continuous optimization efforts.
  3. Client Expectations Meeting and exceeding the client's expectations while delivering a website that aligned with their brand identity and business objectives required effective communication and collaboration throughout the project.


The collaboration between CloudeDesign and Ajinco International (Pvt) Ltd resulted in the successful launch of a robust website that not only showcases the company's heavy machinery solutions but also reinforces their market position and competitiveness in the construction industry. By prioritizing creative web design, advanced development, and strategic SEO services, we have empowered Ajinco International to thrive in the competitive digital landscape and achieve their business goals.


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